Embedding 360 pano

Reference the interactive 360 panorama how to Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To Post on GADC
I have discovered if you copy the embed code from Kuula and first of all paste into notepad and then copy from Notepad to here it keeps the correct formatting.
If it works for others could be worth updating that page with the info.


Thanks, will give it a try as I always find it frustrating having to edit the link

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All you need to do is to make sure you don’t have a space at the beginning of the code <iframe… So paste the code you copy from Kuula paste it in here or wherever and delete the space at the beginning before you upload it. If you get it right the image will show in the preview.

Indeed, @kinega !

Tried about 20 times (both using a double-click to select, and highlighting by mouse) and this method hasn’t once created a space in an inappropriate place or created coded versions of “<” or “>”.

Even Word works as an intermediate.

The same copied link that makes life awkward when pasted here is perfectly OK in Note or Word (both on PC - but I expect same on Mac in similar progs).

I’ll update the main instructions accordingly. :+1:

Edit: Just been tinkering on my (Android) phone, too, and it works via any of Word/Excel/Evernote/ … even Twitter! … as an intermediary! :open_mouth:

Great tip!!

Original HowTo has been updated.

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