Empire State Dive - Not mine

Pretty epic dive and appears to be a tinywhoop too


Dives are this week’s challenge for IGOW4. I’m planning to have a go at the East Mill this evening. :scream:


Good video, shame the picture quality was crap.

Welcome to (analog) FPV. And yes, it’s a TinyWhoop - likely 1" props, so it can’t be lugging an action cam around. :grin:


I believe this is one of the entries…

Best of luck mate. Hope you are posting footage ?

Yeah, I noticed that after. I think he linked to an Empire State dive from a previous year as well, in the challenge video description. I suppose I ought to watch that but they’re bloody awful. :laughing:

Almost looks slow motion as its diving, would love to try this :star_struck: There are some wind turbines near the Big Meet venue but dont quite stack up to the Empire State Building :laughing:

You’d need a tinywhoop.

Only when your avatar is something so unbelievably small does the terror really set in.

Something Ive thought about getting a few times but always change my mind

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Right now I’m flying them a lot more than my bigger quads… IGOW is rather encouraging that, but they are GREAT.

I’d never have been able to dive my office building with any of my bigger quads…

HDZero is the way to go though. :wink:


Tonight was the first time I’ve genuinely had the knee-trembles while flying. Total arm time: 1:43 I couldn’t take much more. :grin: Oh, and then there was this:

Of course. :slight_smile:

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