Entwistle Reservoir with Litchi

Managed another flight using Litchi today and it did what i programmed so happy.
Was surprised that the flight didn’t show up in the go4 app
I’m sure someone will explain why


If you used Litchi, Jeff, then the flight logs will be saved by the Litchi app and GO4 will be completely oblivious to that flight.

This is probably another reason why I use AirData, as it stores all flight logs in one place, regardless of the app used or the aircraft flown :+1:

I’ll second that Rich, I always use Airdata to record all flights.
Great video of the Reservoir Jeff, strangely enough got some video stuttering on Youtube at 1.16 for a few seconds, is the original like that?

Hmm, same here actually, it was just on that one shot though? The rest played fine :+1:

Same here, has the 10 second clip been slowed down maybe :thinking:

Yep the clip in question was in slow mo to show the green gung in the water will be redoing that bit out and re-up the video
I didn’t check it before I upped the video
Not to self don’t rush things

Ok a bit more editing sorry about the first but will leave it up so peeps can see the additions and subtractions
And please do critique the video

How do you get better unless people tell you how its shit…or not

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