Epson bt-300 moverio

Hi evreybody. has anyone found or made a mounting bracket for the moverio glasses that will fit a MP or is there anyone who can make one. just bought the moverio glasses and really love what they do, just need a way to mount to my MP controller.

Few on thingiverse Search Thingiverse - Thingiverse

I’m sure someone here with a 3d printer could knock you one up for not much.

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Yep found those but don’t know anyone with a 3d printer

We’ve a few members here with 3D printers and as @callum said, they may well help you out for the cost of materials, postage and a :beer: for their time.

@DroneUnit offered his services here: 3D Printing for Others and that offer may still stand?

Also pinging GADC members that have printers: @Njoro @scobo @Jcborden


Give Chris a shout at

I’ve used him a few times before, can’t fault his services :+1:

You can also find lots of people selling 3D printing services on eBay :slight_smile:

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Should be an easy print and happy to help if needed

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It would be much appreciated if you could. I see if I can post a link when I get 5 mins so you can see which one I think will do the job. Many thanks

Where are you based?

just outside of Bristol:grinning:

this was the mount is was looking at it has a slight extension at the bottom that will protect the connection cable to the glasses. DJI Mavic Pro Adapter for Moverio Epson BT300 by Empiricus - Thingiverse

i think the longer one of the 2 would be better?:grin:

I’m in Leeds just working out how to get it to you ?

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By drone? :wink:


Best reply ever

How are you

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I’m good! Making the best of blue skies and sunshine … laying in the garden. :wink:

I will pm you my address when I get 5 mins. I you don’t mind the postage. I can arrange to reimburse you a fair price for services rendered and help given. Manu thanks. Jon