Evening all from, not so sunny, West Sussex.

Time to say “hello” and introduce myself, Brian from Bognor Regis in West Sussex. I found this site about a month after buying my first drone…typical :roll_eyes:.

Anyway I’m here now and some great info on the site. No idea what it will be like but I bought myself a Holy Stone HS 175, not had a chance to fly it yet between work, lockdown and windy weather.

Being a fixed camera I realise the pic and video quality won’t be very good but I wanted something not to heavy on the wallet to gain flying experience first.

Hope your all keeping safe in these difficult times, looking forward to sharing some drone experiences on here.


Welcome Brian

I’m just down the road in Worthing and also new to all this drone malarkey
(I haven’t even flown mine yet because it’s too damn cold!)

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Hi Brian and welcome to GADC.

Hiya, thanks for the welcome, hopefully the warmer, and calmer, weather is on it’s way :slight_smile:

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Hi :wave:

Welcome. I’m in Bosham and am also reasonably new. Also getting seriously ****** off with the weather & lockdown. Would highly recommend https://dronescene.co.uk - it not only shows the prohibited flight areas near us (Goodwood for instance), it also shows good places to fly.


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I’m just along the road in Chichester, usually go out of the area to fly though as I’m in Goodwood flight path. There’s some nice views around Chichester marina in birdham, also looking at the windmill in halnaker soon and possibly Petworth park but not checked for flight restrictions yet.

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Welcome Brian. Enjoy!

Thanks for the replies and great to see there are some local “droners”. I will need to find area’s that drone flying is allowed, with Goodwood airfield close by can’t do much local flying.