Evolve 2 Inspire Competitor

Wow! Looks like an amazing bit of tech with 4K 120fps and a 33 min flight time. Styling on the remote is pretty sexy too.


Been in contact with them direct over this and only available in the UK late 2020 I was hoping it would be earlier to be honest looks a good piece of kit


Yeah may / April in the states :face_with_raised_eyebrow: price is pretty decent to I think $3699 :ok_hand:

Watched Ken Heron’s review of the Evolve 1 a while back which didn’t go well at all. Possibly he got a rogue one but not convincing at all. The specs are good for the 2 and it looks nice but I wouldn’t be shelling out $3699 on an untried drone which has not even been tested in the wild yet.

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