Exact location from flight logs?

I was wondering whether there is exact GPS position information contained in Mavic 2 flight logs?

For instance, if a drone went down a long way away, how accurately would you be able to fix the last known position?

Just hypothetical, I haven’t lost another one!

How else do you think AirData manages to plot the track? :wink:


As you can see at the bottom on the progress bar it gives a grid reference. And this changes as the drone moves along.

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Yes, Dave, I realise that but I can’t see how you get at the information.

Yep, I see it, in Go4. Now I need to find where the info is. I’ll try downloading a CSV (or find a pencil :grinning:)

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Got it. It’s all there in the CSV file. Then why do you hear of people sometimes putting trackers on their drones?

Looking at the last flight I did, the final point was about 5 metres incorrect, which, I guess is within the resolution of non military GPS.

Because of fly-aways that go beyond connection range. The data is only accurate up to the point of disconnection.

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Good point, but do you think there are a lot of those, where the loss of signal doesn’t initiate RTH?

I was thinking the other way around … something similar to what you experienced the first time … but rather than acting weirdly and ditching, it fails to respond to the RC, flies off to who knows where (without a tracker), THIS creates the disconnection … and, since it’s doing its own thing, fails to acknowledge this by initiating RTH (or, for other reasons, planning to fly beneath trees/etc, the settings are such that RTH wouldn’t happen anyway) … and it’s gone!

But no - in either respect I don’t think there are a lot …. but I’ve not had either of my drones uncontrollably ditch, either. :wink: (Not that a tracker would help in that instance.)

Yeaaaaars ago, back in early P2 days, stories of fly-aways were rife (and I suspect some were absolutely genuine and not user error), and I did get a tracker. Never fitted and returned for a refund when it went faulty when playing with it at home. Decided that relying on a grand’s worth of high tech to behave was better than trusting any possible problem to £25 low-tech tracker wasn’t actually a logical move … only establishing a false sense of security.

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A lot of the flyaways in the early days of the MP were caused by loss of GPS or compass error dropping it into ATTI mode.

That combined with some wind and a pilot without the skill to bring it back ended up with the loss of aircraft.

In those circumstances there is no GPS data to look back on so a GPS tracker would help locate it.

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In the P2 days …. there were no logs! Onboard or … oh, there was no app.

I’ve seen retrieved tracker tracks that suggest GPS was never lost.


I have a tracker in the headlining of my boat (damn, I shouldn’t have said that)! I meant, I have a friend who has a tracker in the headlining of his boat. If it gets nicked there’s plenty of time to borrow a fast RIB and overtake it :smiley:

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I was going to fit one to my Lamborghini,
only to find they don’t do them small enough for hot wheels. :rofl: