Expensive day

Today I broke some props

Some lipos

And last but not least…

My gopro hero 7

Good day tho

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HELL, that’s expensive.
Where were you when the LiPo’s went bang :thinking:

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Lipos got very hard hits on rocky surfaces leading to punctures and swelling, so best course of action to make them safe was bash them with a huge rock!

hope you didn’t breathe the fumes, instant cancer i’m told :slightly_frowning_face:

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Nah was outside in a well ventilated space with a stiff breeze. Bloody awsome day! Wish I hadn’t killed my GoPro.

Thankfully I’m a GoPro plus subscriber so replacement will be here in a week or 2 but has got me considering grabbing another one

Ouch … that little lot looks bloody expensive :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

Batteries are around £25 each. Props probably another £15 and to replace the GoPro (if I had to buy new) £255 from amazon.

All I can say is thank goodness for GoPro plus

Double ouch … but it seems you enjoyed yourself enough to consider it good value for money which is all that matters really - I suppose. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Having said that - I’ve probably spent a lot more than that on holidays and meals that were bloody awful … at least you had an awesome day :grinning:

Ok but the main thing is… Where is the footage…?

I feel your pain sir. On the GoPro front do you pay £5 month to GoPro for the discount and cover. I’ve had one hero 7 replaced without hassle after it fell off the rc car and I drove over it.

Yes I pay for GoPro plus thank goodness.

Footage yea I have some… it’s a bit rubbish imho.

Will see if I can tidy up the best bits and create an edit. Then once edited by me I will ship the lot over to evilbobbins along with my edit and see if he’s happy with my editing “skills”


Not a cheap day for a few people think I killed a prop or 4 and maybe a motor but not looked at bits properly yet :confused:

Hi Dave
A prop or 4 ? Spoils of war :laughing:

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Oof expensive

Have to say. Contacted GoPro this morning and they sent a pre paid rma label and are gonna send out a replacement free of charge!


They never batted an eye lid with me either. All swapped out within ten days.