Exposing 360 pano shots

As per the title, how on Earth do you correctly expose them? All I seem to end up with is an unusable sphere of under and over exposed rubbish.

Is it auto or is there some other trick?

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If you’re on iOS it’s simple - get Hangar360 - it seems to have that very well sorted. (I’m jealous of iOS for only that one app!)
The downside - they get to keep the 360 and rights to it.
It does save the constituent images to the SDCard that you can then stitch yourself, though.

Otherwise - I use manual - and tend to set the exposure by pointing at 90deg to the sun and having about 25% sky.

Shoot RAW and apply the same profile to each before stitching the resulting images in ICE, or similar.

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If only there was a thread about the benefits of shooting raw:thinking:




Like Dave said above, simply edit the raws, grade them all, stitch :+1:t2:

Granted, that’s probably quite a time consuming process though :confused:

You still own the JPGs on the card though (not sure if Hangar also takes raw, probably not?), so you could always stitch and upload to Kuula I guess?

Not thought of getting an old cheap iPhone just for Hangar360 shots, Dave?

Yup - hence …

D’oh! Sorry, rushed reply :blush:

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Yes - I thought about it - but one that’s still compatible with Hangar/Go4 is still a quite a bit > £100 … and even more to make it “future-proof” for at least a couple of years.
When you get to my age and have to exist on a pension - you’ll understand. :wink:

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I’ll have an IPhone SE available after Xmas if you don’t mind replacing the screen (around £15).

So save the individual shots and stitch is it then? I’m on android BTW


I’m on Android device, Win10 laptop for ICE (free), it does most stitching really well.

For some with areas of minimal matching data (over water / large fields of corn, for example) it can struggle.
For this, however, there is a workaround that’s on my to-do list to write up as a How-to.