External antennas for Vehicle

hello guys I am the owner of a Mavic Pro Platinum and I use a crystalsky monitor. I will like some advice on some external antennas i can use outside my vehicle while i fly from inside. has anyone successfully tried anything out there to accomplish this? Thanks in advance



Ive recently added a Alientech Duo II to my spare Mavic 2 Pro RC & will be ordering some extra bits from Alientech so I do this exact thing, Im ordering a roof mounted bracket for the Duo II & a 3m set of cables so I can fly from the car from a decent vantage point nice & warm when its chilly outside, also playing with the idea of ordering a slightly longer set to mount the antenna on a 5m rotatable pole for my shed roof (where I can get some great distance when Im stood on top) so the antenna will actually go higher & then using the Smart Controller with HDMI out, fly from a warm shed, while using a 32" TV for live FPV etc.

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Sounds good man. I am looking for really good advice before i purchase anything. thanks for helping

At last, some more goodies arrived from Alientech, took 10 days longer than I expected, but it was Chinese new year after all… just need to get some decent weather to test them now, more like a couple of days back when I finally got the Alientech Duo II tested properly for the first time.

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Pics during installation please :smiley:

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wow I am looking forward to some feedback on what type of improvements you got. Awesome!!

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