Parrot disco for £299 anyone?

Currys have reduced parrot disco with controller and fpv headset to £299.

Amazon matched and currently £299 as well.

Was always put off by the high price when about a grand but for 299 looks like it will be a blast to fly.

For anyone who has not heard of it, it’s a fixed wing fpv UAV with a top speed of 50mph, 45 min flight time and range of about a mile. Autonomous features like waypoints and RTH.



Ah now that’s tempting!

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Yeah these have been at around this price for a few weeks now. I’m very tempted but I still haven’t pushed the button on it yet. Is a very good price. I’ve just bought a k1 shield with the hdmi out. Was thinking the dji Google’s will come into play with it :sunglasses:

When I went on the Police Safer Drones course they had just bought the disco to do missing persons searches, on the basis they can cover a lot more ground with it than with the multirotor machines.

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That makes sense. Lot of people are modding them with larger batteries as well. You will always be restricted by video signal but in waypoint mode people are covering 30 miles upwards.

I pulled the trigger from Amazon, arrives Friday.
Thankfully it’s almost payday :smiley:

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Damn you! I’m going to need to order one now lol.


Bloody hell don’t take them all😁. I want one!!


Hooooly shit!!!

I save HOW MUCH?!

It’s almost worth buying a few of those and flipping them on eBay?!

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Looks like they are reduced everywhere. Parrot no longer making the consumer model and concentrating on the pro agricultural model which cost about £5k.
Parts to be available long term and will remain supported in future apps.

The agricultural one looks pretty much the same with some added sensors.

My boss bought a Disco last year (we do Agri work) with a Sequoia camera/sensor, cost +£3k :open_mouth:

Convince him he needs another that you can get for a bargain £2k. #Profit = #MP2

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He might notice the second one doesn’t come with a Sequoia though :rofl:


I’m sure @scobo or @Njoro could print you something that looks the part if you asked nicely.

You’d need to get a new job if boss ever wanted to use it though.


I’m thinking we’re can I launch and land this bad boy!! :thinking: £300!!! Wouldn’t take much to mod it ether

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I’m sold. Going to pick one up in Currys.

It has a port on the flight controller you can plug in a rc receiver and use your own transmitter in full manual mode.

That and it looks a bit like a Vulcan head on.


Great stuff!
I saw a post from a guy who put transparent carpet tape underneath to protect he EPO when landing, seems a good plan. I plan to fly mine at Beaulieu airfield and up on the purbeck coast path. It may end up in the sea but for £300 I won’t have too much anxiety.
The battery upgrade seems a good plan. Hope to have first flight this weekend. I want t hear about everybody else’s experience when you get them :slight_smile:

Yeah your right. £300 loss isn’t the end of the world. I’m soooooo tempted this will live permanently in my works van. If i baught one :grin:.
I bet you get a really good experience through the dji goggles with it.

:see_no_evil: I will not…I will not…I will not. Someone tell me it’s sold out please…Oooh the pain of resisting is tooo much.