Fairlop waters essex

I took the opportunity to go over to Fairlop waters in Barking on an early morning flight, Thought I would share some stills with you video to follow.



Some good potential Golden Hour Challenge entries there!

You get the Golden Hour Flyer badge, though! :+1:


Some great colours there, beautiful :+1:

But we’re they from a drone? They look quite low and the depth of field for some is very sharp.

Hi @BrianB

The shots that you are looking at were taken on a cannon… the video that is to follow is from the drone… I wish the drone camera was that good…

Thought so, and they do look great @Turbys9, looking forward to the video

Still looking forward to seeing the pics from the drone, @Turbys9. :wink:

I’ll get them up soon work is manic…

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Ok Guys I finally got the video sorted. @OzoneVibe, @BrianB @PingSpike

Let me have your feed back…

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A really good edit! :+1:

I’d only say it’s a shame you didn’t upload @ 1080 so that the picture quality could be fully appreciated.

I will have to look at doing that going forward :+1:

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