Farnborough CTR - Class D?

I want to understand why Farnborough CTR behaves differently to London and Gatwick CTR on DroneScene layers.

So here I see all the CTR zones (I have Class D airspace checked).

Now I uncheck Class D airspace - London and Gatwick CTR zones disappear BUT Farnborough CTR still shows. I am confused by this as my googling all seems to indicate it is Class D airspace.

I now uncheck Airspace Restrictions and then the Farnborough CTR disappears (along with Danger Areas and Prisons)

I don’t understand why Farnborough CTR is in the Airspace Restrictions layer rather than the Class D Airspace layer.

Can anyone explain this so I can understand why it is different to the other CTR zones?

To confirm, when you untick the Class D layer then both Farnborough CTRs should also disappear - as they do for the other regions.

Looks like you’ve found a bug here @notascooby :beetle:

At a guess, it’s because the Farnborough CTR is split in two, and named as “LONDON FARNBOROUGH CTR 1” and “LONDON FARNBOROUGH CTR 1” and it’s possibly confusing our filters.

Regardless, we will of course get it fixed. I’ve added it to the current list.

Thanks for the spot :blush:

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On a separate note, how does one buy GADC a coffee? My searches on the site have not found the answer.

We’ve suspended coffee donations for now - thanks of the consideration though Andy :blush:

Should that be CTR 2 on the 2nd split? :thinking:

Yes, typo.