Fat Lama drone rental

Would you hire out your drone to a complete stranger for £30 quid a day?

I’ve clearly been asleep and missed this one completely, but there’s a web site called Fat Lama that allows you to hire (and hire out) pretty much anything you can think of.


For example, here’s a Mavic Pro that people are hiring for £27 quid a day: https://fatlama.com/rentals/london/hire-dji-mavic-pro-drone-42169056

Or you can hire an Inspire 2 for £200 quid: https://fatlama.com/rentals/london/hire-dji-inspire-2-drone-with-x5s-52k-raw-camera-65516996

Anyway, it got me thinking…

I’ve probably got a shed load of gadgets knocking around the house just gathering dust which I’d quite happily hire out.

Not sure I’d trust anyone with my drone though?! Insured by FatLama or not!

Then I was debating buying a second hand MP and hiring that out - you could probably make some money?!

Ever used Fat Lama before?

Never heard of it.

Dont think I’d rent my drone out, insured or not. Would never feel the same again and I’d always be wondering if it had been mistreated lol.

Amazing how attached we get to something like a drone.

Have to agree there callum,the thought of some stranger handling my bird would make me uncomfortable:grin:
However,if i get another drone,for the purpose of hiring out only ,gets me thinking,hire it out a few times and add the money to my DJI INSPIRE 2 FUND :joy::joy::joy::rofl:

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Had a look at the leaderboard. Someone made over 5 grand in last 30 days. Wonder what they are renting out.

There Bird…
I hear she’s very good


I always wonder if these people are real
some production’s hire in stuff but the cost is massive
i.e.:radios if they loose them they are charged up to £800 for a 120 quid radio