FCC mode now available for Mavic 2 Pro using NLD

Just a heads up lads. NLD’s have just brought out fcc mod Mavic Pro 2. I Did have mine running through a hacked go4 app on my iso but now you can run this through dji’s app with no mods needed. Tried it this morning and this is the result through a non modded djigo4 app. Simple as plug the bird in through the NLD site , click on fcc on bird and took 30 seconds. Not only do I have nfz lifted I have fcc. I’m a happy camper. Enjoy!


Nice one Ash :+1:t2:

Just to add, the NoLimitDronez FCC and NFZ patches (currently) only work on MP2 firmware v01.00.0100

I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s available on everything :wink:

Yeah that’s right Rich. Sure they will have it all covered this year.

What about Mavic pro is there a hack for that ?

There’s plenty of hacks out there for the mavic pro fella.


Hi, will this work without going back to v4.1.3 DJI Go App for ios?

Their site says…
“You can use the NLD MOD Client if your DJI Go App is 4.1.3 or below.”

New to dji and mavic, what’s FCC mode?

I wasn’t aware that NFZs could be removed on the M2P.

Now this might tempt me to upgrade from my MP.

Is it a one off payment with NLD?

It is, yes.

Per drone (licence is attached to the drone serial number)

Don’t forget, all the tools to do this yourself are already out there, NLD is just a (really easy to use) wrapper for said tools.


It is a system that allows you to change the operating Frequency of your drone, in effect giving it a better range.
There are loads of videos on Youtube about it.

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this is what I want to know as well! Any answer yet?

hi, can you confirm that the Mavic 2 pro once modded will work with the latest DJI GO 4 app on IOS without rolling back?

Once modded through nld you can use an up to date go4 app no modded app

I don’t know bud. All I know is this will work on dji’s up to date go 4 app. Nld’s Haven’t released a modded app for the Mavic 2 Pro as yet but Is on the cards.

New NLD release today, to v1.9.2.0 which includes FCC support for the .0200, .0300 and the .0400 firmwares on the Mavic 2 :clap:t2:


Thanks for all your helpful tips. A quick question, I am about to downgrade my Mavic 2 Pro with NLD software, will this be an issue for the batteries that I presume are also on latest firmware? Will it cause incompatibility issues? Thanks, Julian

Whilst I’m not aware of the M2P battery firmware evolution, as with the MP the battery firmware upgrades are far less frequent. Not every MP version includes a new battery (or RC) firmware version.

Add to that the fact that the M2P battery is only an evolution of the MP battery - I could quite believe there’s not yet been a battery firmware update to the MP.

When I rolled back my MP through several versions, the batteries had been up-to-date, and I had updated them at least twice since the MP version I was going back to. I’ve never had a problem.

So - whilst I can’t categorically say there won’t be an issue, I think it’s very unlikely, and were I in your position I’d not hesitate.

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Oh, and welcome to GADC, Julian / @jules!

If you have a moment, pop over to #introductions and tell us a little about yourself. :+1:

very kind of you! just bought a cheap windows computer purely to do this hack! so far it is working in the downgrade process!

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