Yes, I downloaded the 90 day free trial having got a bit frustrated with the limitations of iMovie.
Its sophisticated and will take a lot of time investment/youtube video instruction to even scratch the surface but I’m liking it so far.
Even though I’m committed to stills I’m really taken with the possibilities of the capabilities of the M2P for video.
The following 3 short clips are very basic with the intention of concentrating on colour balance and correction and getting the correct exposure not to mention smooth footage.
Any Comment criticism from more experienced editors gratefully accepted.


Loved the first one sounds were great you have brought the colours up on all three really well great effort👌

FCP is the dogs danglies, as far as I’m concerned.

I trained on this product, crikey, 15yrs ago now, but it was tops then and still is now. That said, for personal use, I am more than content with Da Vinci and/or ShotCut.

My top tip for FCPX is get yourself one of the free ‘adjustment layer’ plugins.

Makes life a bit simpler removing any adjustments you have made to your clips.

Why they don’t include one as standard is beyond me.



I tried a few free downloads, Filmora and DaVinci as well as iMovie. FCPX seems the best so far. I’ve got 21/2 months to save up for it!


Yeah, adjustment layers, I’ve heard of those. Don’t know what they do though - yet!

Its a layer that sits on top of your clip that you adjust, if you don’t like the adjustments you make simply delete the layer, saves lots of undoing and retrimming clips etc.

As the wise milkman says, adjustment layers lead to headache free editing.