Feed back wanted on this picture please

Wyming Brook taken with the Canon 400d and using the 18-55mm kit lens, Some feedback would be great good or bad.


Stunning! A lot of detail even in the black and white colour grade! :ok_hand:

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It’s a great photo


The composition is good, me likes.

I’d be interested to see the colour version.

If I’d have been printing that back in the day I probably would have tried to bring out a bit more detail in the water.

nice pic buddy and like others have said great composition and great detail. i would preffer a hdr colour version too

I like the b & w contrast especially with the bare trees and dark rocks, I’m not sure that having colour would add to the cold and gloom you are showing in this composition.
You have the tree and the rock to give it depth but I am confused to what was the subject or focal point of the photo? What are you trying to show/tell me?

I think you could try a lower angle to get more of the stream in the frame, and a longer exposure to get contrast between the water and trees.

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Good effort with the idea behind the photo tho - Agree, id get my wellies on and get the tripod right in the stream very low slung, 10 stop filter and shorten the FOV so the background trees blur - let the water do the talking. In post id be tempted to crop the top and sides a bit to enhance eye movement up the steam and over the boulders. Woodlands are hard work tho, lots and lots of “mess” about which the eye doesn’t see but the lens does.

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Thanks for all the advice guys, I will take it all in, I think I have a coloured one of the photo somewhere I will post it in the group if I can find it. I only have a 18-55mm kit lens at the moment and just started to get into photography so haven’t got all that much equipment as of yet but I’m working on it.

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Nice photo, was there a particular reason for B&W?

Increasing the exposure time would have made a nice effect with the water, you would need a tripod to do that though, or the oposite and freeze the water with a very short exposure. I think that would have made the B&W more effective either way.

The compositiion is nice, maybe angle it down a little to get a bit more of the water flow.

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slowly slowly mate with the equiptment ! lots of good advice on the forum, but remeber you are buying for yourself so its got to suit you. i like the idea of extended exposure time to get a smokey effect with the water but you would need some nd filters to balance the exposure perhaps a nd 4 nd 8 nd 16 cheap as owt on ebay. other outlets are avaialble

I did a colour and black and white one just to see what it was like, I need to point the camera down it sounds like it looks better so will give it ago.

100% of what it takes to be a good photographer is not equipment related.


Well it’s very good, but for me you’ve divided it into two pics with the diagonal full frame tree.
But lovely pic of the water.

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I agree to a point but helps if your equipment is capable of taking the images you seek !

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I’m gonna disagree on that, its just a tool in your hand.

Have a look at the DigitalRev series of ‘Cheap Camera Challenge’, or check out the hashtag shotoniphone on Instagram, some great results with minimum equipment.

I remember my first day at Uni (September 1986), the first lecture on the degree photography course, we were told its all about finding your own style and improving on that, he then gave us all a polaroid camera and said come back with 5 pictures to show the rest what you can do, it was a great leveller.

The downside of digital is that we just shoot anything and everything, a lot of the time without thinking about the basics. I did a talk at a local photo group a couple of years ago and asked a room full of (very keen) amateurs with a lot of years experience between them to go and photograph the local abbey, only rule was you were to pretend we were back on film and had only 12 exposures to play with, so no multi shot, no HDR. Its a great experiment if you’re honest enough to take it on. I shot 00’s of weddings and 000’s of football matches were I had to wait to see the results.

When I first started at football I would shoot maybe 5 rolls of KodaChrome 36 exposure and aim to sell 10 of those, when I hung up the long lens I was shooting digital and taking maybe 2000 shots a game, again to sell 10, the equipment was way better, but it didn’t make me any better, in fact I got lazy and relied too much on it, the pictures were no better either.

Moral, find your style and hone that.


I started with a 35 mm Olympus OM10 and still have it ! We now mostly use digital over film unless your into the whole home processing scenario! Black and white is also good on film ! Anyway I digress ! Your entitled to your opinion what I will say is there has to be a balance between getting what you need from the camera you have quality and mechanics and the skill as a photographer ! I’m happy taking what I can with what I have ! I can get amazing shots with mid range cameras ! That’s not to say I wouldn’t like an expensive camera ! Because I would !


Do a side by side with your phone next time for comparison


I will think about it

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Nice, I had a OM4ti for a while, with the 55mm 1.2 lens, brilliant camera,the spot metering on it was amazing.

I got rid when I switched to Canon in the 90’s, I saw a mint one recently for £450 (body only).