Feeling my way into it

Just thought I’d share my first two evenings flying experience with my new MPP.

I’m very lucky as my house is surrounded by fields and woods, the scenery from the air is stunning.

Thought I’d put my “Captain Sensible” hat on and start in the beginner mode on the first evening, which is a big help to get the feel of the MPP.

This evening I turned the beginner mode off and flew a bit further away practicing one or two different flying modes.

I’m not too bothered about learning the camera settings at this stage as I just want to feel in full control and this will come with practice.

As the sun was still out, I did struggle to see the Samsung S7 at times and can’t wait to take delivery of my Mavmount (which according to the tracker is currently just leaving Heathrow) so I can use the CSU.

One of the first things that surprised me was how high the drone feels at just 100ft and how easy it is to lose site when flying next to woods.

All going really well so far, with no drama’s. I know…give it time, you’re thinking!

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I’d love to have fields surrounding my house. Every time I want to fly I have to go for a drive!

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I have a field right near my house. An airfield! International one, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice one Dave :smiley:

I did exactly the same thing with mine - except it took me a lot longer to pluck up the courage to exit that beginner mode :blush:

But I needn’t have worried, it’s a fantastic bit of kit :+1:

Same here. An international field.

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Only thing that causes me concern is a nesting pair of Buzzards in the woods and a Sparrow hawk that leaves remants of Wood Pidgeons wherever it goes.
Are these to be worried about?

Buzzards should have fledged, by now - so the nest itself shouldn’t be an issue.
Doesn’t mean the adults won’t get protective of the young, still … if you’re in their territory - but you’ll struggle to know where they are, probably.

Not had any serious issues with birds … seagulls were mobbing my MP down at the coast, recently, but no impact. And at another beach a few days later they seemed totally disinterested.
Seriously mobbed by swallows in Italy last year after filming a clip. So inundated it’s a real shame I didn’t have the presence of mind to start filming again. Also, so inundated, I was reluctant to try again to get some footage. LOL!

I had a flying lesson when I bought my MA. Flying tip 1 they gave was until you are sure about your drone flying and the area you are flying in, is always ensure there is blue (sky) between your drone and the trees or buildings. Seemed obvious but has helped me.

Flying tip 2 was if you loose sight of your drone, Increase height and the movement should catch your eye. Of course, that only works if you are looking in the right direction :joy:

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I have only had my MA for a few months and while I am no expert my confidence level has grown enormously when using it. Living close to the sea and in Norfolk we have a lot of water and at some point you are going to want to fly over it so I plucked up the courage on my 2nd flight and flew it over the sea but still close to the shore… and nothing happened! Flying over water doesn’t phase me anymore so I took the MA and flew it 3000ft off shore over the sea and back again.

I remember reading on here, just can’t remember which post, have trust in the machine because it’s a fantastic piece of kit, and it certainly is. I wouldn’t be surprised if most crashes are down to user error rather than the technology.

So, take your time and have faith in what you are flying, don’t panic and take your fingers off the sticks if things look a little iffy, and RTH is invaluable.


Mavmount arrived yesterday, so couldnt wait to get home and put the Crystalsky on.

Oh WOW! We all know theyre an expensive item but well worth buying.

I actually found myself turning the brightness down a little in direct sunlight.

Feels a bit strange at first due to the extra weight of the Mavmount and CSU, but using the lanyard I purchased as an option, it feels great.

If youre a little undecided on whether to buy a CS, dont hesitate. It gives you a whole new drone flying experience.

Listen to me, giving it large with 30 minutes flying experience.
Sorry, just excited!


Carry on mate :wink:

Nothing better than having a new toy to play with.

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Ha! Been there :blush:

I (foolishly) set mine up in the living room one autumn evening. We only usually have a lamp on in the corner so it’s a dimly lit room.

Booted up the CSU and :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: me I nearly went blind!!

Even on the lowest brightness setting it was still too bright for that room :slight_smile:

I love the mavmount but wasn’t over keen on the way the lanyard clip interfered with the USB-C cable on the bottom of the CSU.

In the end, I modified my mavmount to use a DJI quick release bracket.

I warn ya now… this accessory-itis is catching… and hard to get rid of once it takes hold :blush:

Well thanks a bunch Rich. Just when I thought I’d finished spending, you cost me another £75 plus.

I had noticed that lanyard issue and thought it was a bad design.

I would prefer a non swivelling mount and that mod looks well trick.

Better call Heliguy.

Btw is there still sufficient clearance between the CSU and controls?

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Yes, plenty. You can adjust the angle of the screen on the DJI mount don’t forget :+1:

While you’re ‘young’ its deffo worth learning to fly in ATTI mode as well as GPS, it will come in handy one day.

Accessory-itus has taken hold and struck again, I really need to see someone about this.

The recent outbreak resulted in the purchase of a set of Sandmarc ND filters and a Lowepro Viewpoint 250… Well I do need somewhere to put everything, including a MacBook Pro when I go on the jolly’s.

Hoping I have everything now.


How are those filters? Seems in in line for a set of them at Christmas!