Felixstowe Cranes

After much thought and other fliers photos i thought i’d visit the area. i hasten to add i took into consideration that at 3degrees this morning and gusty winds getting up into the air was easier than coming back down, but wasn’t going to waste a journey for nothing captured.

Uploading: DJI_0521.jpg…
all shot using Mavic 2 Pro, edited through CS6


Great pics !

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thanks bud, will endeavor to return again but in better weather conditions, appears its got lots of potential

At least one of those would be a potential entry for the current RTF competition !


oh havent checked out the challenges since my last hickup with the windmills :rofl: :rofl:

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Return visit though :frowning:

Nice one, great night time photos.

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Taken a day too early for RTF.

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Must. Resist. The. Urge. To. Get. Up. Before. Dawn…

Those are some great shots :+1:


It’s the best time to get out

Brilliant! That’s a long haul from Bedfordshire! I’m near Wickham Market.

Are permissions easy enough or virtallly non-existent?

Simon (Belt and Braces)

I hired a room at Shotley marina opposite Felixstowe docks in December with the intention of getting drone photography of the docks. Then we got covid and had to cancel. Funnily enough I was talking to the missus just yesterday about going back Felixtowe to get a shot for the RTF!
Nice pics BTW!

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Great shot’s , love these :heart_eyes:

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I used altitude angel to check before arrival, there’s nothing to stop you flying from the viewpoint car park right on the front adjacent the docks.
We arrived around 5am and I TOAL from the pathway along from the car park near the fort. And flew out away from the pathway.
It’s really secluded and during the darkness unless anyone else is there your not seen. See map of my TOAL.
Numerous other operators have been here too.


I’m looking for more docks now. Think this is a good starting point.
I shot manually, ISO 100 & 200. F/2.8 and just changed the shutter times and exposure, my biggest problems was the wind and freezing fingers

Just to let you all know, this car park can get busy during the day especially on weekends.

Not drone related but on a previous trip to Felixstowe taken at the same place you TOAL from.


TBH I prefer to fly during the hours that most people are still tucked up in bed, or just very early, that way you get the area o yourself, unless another drone arrives

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