Femi range

Does the Femi X8 SE 2020 come in two versions, FCC and CE. The claimed 8 km range would be highly unlikely if sold in Europe in CE format.

Is not being able to fly at 8km a deal breaker?

The claimed 8k range of all drone manufacturers is only ever going to be theoretical / laboratory conditions anyway.

Bit like cars and their advertised MPG figure.

Meanwhile, back in the real world… :confused:

But to answer your question @Overthehill

The fact they specify FCC there suggests there is indeed a CE mode.

Source, page 9, of:


8 kilometres is not a deal breaker but it would indicate good reception.

What sort of distance should I expect in CE?

Why does the Mavic Mini has 2.4 GHz AND 5.8 GHz but most other drones have only the latter. Is having both better?

@Markb1604 started a thread a couple of years ago which would be great to bump and expand on:

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2.4Ghz is limited to 10mW for license free video transmission…:thinking: