Few shots from this morning

Got up and out early to catch the sunrise which turned out quite nice. Had a quick go with the new panorama mode which worked well (I stitched it with PTGui rather than using DJI GO - I just us that to capture the shots).

It was -3, but the kit was all warm straight from the car.


Nice to see your Images James @Jcborden

  1. Is really Cool and please do not be offended by me saying this The sun is just a touch Blown.
    2.I was blown away by the second image .
    The last, I would love to try a slight edit with.

I hope you have warmed up now your home, Thanks for sharing these Aerial Images MrJames Borden Aerial Photographer Now Published On The WORLD WIDE WEB. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Not at all offended, constructive criticism always welcome :slight_smile: the raw shot obviously has more detail, but i was editing in a rush this morning, will try the raw version later.

Haven’t worked out how to get the processed panoramas out of Go yet hence using PTGui. Nice of see that DJI Go stores each panorama in a separate folder which makes editing much easier later.

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I am sure someone will drop in Soon to help with the processed panoramas outing them out of Go.

You could look at this @Jcborden

From DJI*

*Subtitles can be removed or changed to english in the YouTube video stetting

Like Ray said, the sun looks a bit OTT but it creates a great effect!

Were you using any filters?

That second pic is so clear! You can see the seagulls :smiley:

Love the new sphere photos too!!

Looking at the ground, I’m not doubting -3 at all :snowflake: :cloud_with_snow:

Thanks for sharing @Jcborden, great pics :smiley:

Thanks. No filters used, wasn’t doing any video this morning so tend not to put filters on. I will look at the raw versions and see what additional detail there is, might save the sunrise pictures.

Came across this helpful video on YT as well about viewing/downloading the pano shots - it’s really easy!

Its Amazing what you can find on the old YOUTUBE , One thing i Learned a long ago form it Is, We need to learn to enjoy the World we live in.

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