File your drone flight! 😤

So I was down at my favourite spot this afternoon and along come a fellow drone pilot. He said to me he was capturing the same vessel sailing by as I was.

I asked him had he heard of Dronescence / Drone Assist because there was nothing on there relating to his flight when I filed mine? Had there been I would have avoided the area - apparently because he was only flying at 50m he didn’t deem it fit to use either platform and the fact he had been booted off Drone Assist because of some App update it was never used again.

Give me strength, it doesn’t matter if you’re flying at 10m or 120m, file your flight so the wider drone community can see who’s in the area. It’s not hard is it! :rage:

The last thing I want is to have a mid air collision because somebody else can’t be bothered to spend a couple of minutes keeping other fellow drone pilots informed. :roll_eyes:

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Thing is, how many of us actually file a flight plan ? I’ve only filed three on Drone Assist ( two were in FRZ’s and one was local to me ( filming some kids football training)) Otherwise, I’m just the regular recreational flier. Don’t know where I’m going to fly from one day to the next ( Thanks Met Office for telling me it’s going to rain, then be dry all day ) :wink::wink:

If you were to fly where I regularly fly, it would be common sense to file a plan as other drone users are about at times and I’ve seen these plans and given the area a miss and moved further up river.

Prevention surely is better than risking your drone to a potential collision?

Flight plans :thinking: Why? Commercial?

It’s just a busy area for recreational flying, and a number of recreational flyers do file them out of courtesy to inform other flyers. Nothing wrong at all in that.


At the meetups there are many drones flying and only deliberate collisions occur :grinning:

Well, mainly recreational flying, I honestly don’t know where I’m going to fly from one week to the next. I do use Drone Assist, but I’m hesitant to put up a flight that’s not planned as it won’t show until I’m about to fly, so not much warning to other fliers

I doubt very much Gary Gull had the same interest in a particular vessel this other flyer also did have today. :joy:

So just to understand, you wait your turn to fly

Sadly this bloke didn’t hence my rant.

But you and the others do?

how long do you wait?

Wayne, I can’t understand the rant :man_shrugging:

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Me too :man_shrugging:

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Unless @Yith is there

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I’ve never in 2-3 years of flying, filed a flight plan, wouldn’t know how… I’m sure a quick search on here would tell me, and if not I’d get an answer.

I’m genuinely thinking why I would… Nope… Nothing coming… OK it’s nice to see other flyers, etc, and maybe I’d avoid it… Maybe as it’s FPV in the main I fly and don’t want to attract attention. Also it tends to be spare of the moment. I’ll check drone scene, etc for restrictions.

So I’m discourteous? Hmmm

Maybe road users could log their planned drives, so we’d know when people on the roads, and pick quieter times. Or runners log their plans to run down a path, or dog walkers (some dogs don’t get on with each other) could have a site to log that… or…

Serious question, who does regularly log their flights other than the op (for hobby/recreational flights)?

The Drone Code doesn’t even mention flight logging, let alone an expectation or a requirement.

Logging a flight doesn’t give you exclusive use of the airspace, and anyone can fly there when someone else has one logged.

Don’t get it.

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That French Airline bloke, and look at the trouble that caused.

I only ever log flight reports when I am hosting a GADC meet, just to keep it ‘above board’

Top right in DroneScene ;o)

Yeah didn’t think be hard, never looked. Like with all these things, unless everyone does it, makes it kind of pointless for you. Maybe I will log mine, or test it out, not against doing it per se… Never thought about logging one TBH!

We had a NOTAM didn’t we for big meet? Didn’t stop manned gliders flying right through us :wink:

Below 400ft? :scream:

NOTAMs are a “Notice” … even they don’t give exclusive use of airspace … unless the reason has sufficient “authority”.