Ok so I’ve recently brought my first drone , a phantom 4 and I’m really enjoying flying it around Portsmouth , but I’ve noticed my photos and videos don’t have the quality of others on here , I’ve come to the conclusion that I need filters , which I’ve seen people talk about before but I don’t know much about them , so can anyone point me in the right direction for which to buy when to use them etc etc ?

Any help appreciated


That might not necessarily be the case Mike.

Before you jump head first in to the world of ND, why not post an example photo that highlights the problem and ask for a bit of critique / advice?

Nine times out of ten photos can be dramatically improved by simply changing a few settings on the drone and/or spending just a few minutes post-editing :+1:t2:

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@Fat-Cat I’ve moved your photo over to a new thread, we can leave this one to be about filters :+1:t2: