Finished my build

Having been reluctant to take my 3d printed drone out of its pram in case it gets hurt, I have, on the advice of @anon34183503, build a mini quad. Just waiting for the weather to stop pissin about so I can crash it. Should take a bump or two. It has titanium alloy arms and, as the box they came in states, ‘unbreakable props’ (Wow!.. hmmm…).
Yes, it could be a bit more neat, but great fun building.

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Can’t wait to see it!

Got a full build list? And where are the pictures!

It says uploading. Its messed up. It was a start to finish. I’ll try again…

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Real6 frame
Kakute f7 aio
bn180 gps
Eachine tx805 vtx
Got a motor and esc bundle for £60 - 2450kv and 35Amp esc. Flame motor Trex esc.
UX14 RX (set to flysky. Its a dual rx. Will do frsky also).
Kingkong 5045 tri props
Foxeer predator micro v3 fpv cam (love the night mode)
12awg battery wires
Realacc Pagoda antenna
Flux. Lots of flux.
4s 1500mah batteries in the post!

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Looks like an interesting frame. What’s the auw? And what battery strap are you using? Is it rubberised?

I also have some spare umagrip that will make a huge difference to keeping the battery in place.

Last but not least… have you fitted it with a buzzer?

Don’t know yet. Its 360g without the lipo though. I get the lipos on saturday.
Its a velcro strap that came with the frame. I need to sort that side of it out when the batteries come. Maybe print some sort of protection contraption. Unless I mod things a bit further, I’m limited to having the battery on the bottom.
I haven’t got a buzzer. Or Led’s…YET! Are the buzzers just piezo crystals? I have some lying around.

Oh. And I had to grind a little from the front ali standoffs. The kakute f7 barely squeezed it.

Jees. Its 540 grams with the battery. Little less solder?

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Crumbs that’s a heavy quad! What do the arms weigh?

I know. Think I effed up. Not sure but the frame is about 98g. But I wanted a tank to learn. I’ll make do.

Did you order some spare arms for when they bend?

I have a vice. More worried about the cf body!

Main frame should be solid (never broke anything but arms on a frame) and even with a vice you won’t get the arms back to strait.

Well its a journey. I’ll see. I’ll give me less than 2 mins before i turf it. :rofl:

Don’t worry dude. Bob and I will help you get it in the air and keep it up. You will be powerlooping before you know it

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You got gps? Going for the 100mph club?

There’s still the Speed Freak Badge slot for self-builds, too … Breaking the speed limit … as yet unclaimed. :wink:

I haven’t fitted gps to either of my current machine but am building a super light machine with gps. I’m still to order a camera and a crossfire nano to finish the build

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