Firefighter 'destroyed' £8,000 drone on street during missing person search

Oh dear, cake fines will be huge for this one!! :joy:

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They won’t be short of ‘chunky monkey’ for a while, that’s for sure :wink:

This is the second “loose arm lock” incident for the M300 !



The pilot of the drone was understood to have had 18 hours’ flying experience, with four hours completed over the previous 90 days.

That does not seem alot 4 hours in 3 months !!! I’ve done a lot more then that in my own time and i have a full time Job

Requirement is 2 hours in 2 month’s

Thought it was 2 hours in 3 months?

Your are right o have fat thumbs.
But it shiws how little is needed.


Expensive bit of kit to destroy…

Yeah, I’m going over the field shortly to get my 2 hours in!

That’s three quarters of my practice hours in for this three months. Three batteries down in the Air 2S, had to come away, the sun was burning my legs through my jeans!


Pity they can’t match the story to a picture of the type of drone involved!