Firefly video feed issue

Having hit the tree the other day with the firefly I have no video, I do have my vista display but the rest of the feed was white no picture. Iv had it in bits :man_facepalming:t3: tried another camera which did fire up but as to determine if it was the camera or lead I swopped them round which just gave me the black screen with the Dji logo in

Swopped everything back to what it was and now have gone from the white screen to the black with the Dji logo on it :man_facepalming:t3:

Has anyone ells had this issue, there is no physical damage to anything apart from the lead to the cam which has a little of its sleeving missing which I taped up…

That will either be the camera or the mipi cable. Have you got another cable you can try? Also check the mipi cable is fully connected at both ends (camera and vista ends)

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I have tried other cam’s and cables, it did work at first but as I put above they that 1 gave up the ghost also. It might be a case of them not being seated properly hence I will give it another go tomoz, it did take out the antenna which looked ok just the cover missing :thinking:

Probably not seated correctly if you have tried both on both builds

@Steviegeek when are you opening your drone repair shop.

Yah could be, TBH I didnt really get that stuck into it as wont really in the mood today but will have a look during the week :+1:t3:


It’s open, I have Eugenes Nazgul5 in at the moment with about five others queuing behind it :grinning:

Yeah but you need to accept American express :thinking: :wink:

And Mastercard :grin:

Just a FYI, it was the the mipi cable mate :+1:t3:

Iv ordered a couple more didn’t realize I had many duff 1s, are they repairable ??? shame to bin them …