Firefox’s build recommendation budget £1000


So based on your other thread you have a max budget of £1000. You have a soldering iron but are currently time poor so would prefer something that’s pre built. You also have concerns about the amount of power (I call this grin factor) the quad has so want to make sure you can dial this down. You can set this in betaflight so any decent 4s quad will work for you. My understanding is that you will need a charger controller and batteries out of this budget…

if you haven’t already go read this thread

With the budget you wont be able to go to DJI HD.

Below is the list of things i would suggest getting most of them will set you up well for at least the whole of the 2020 season and beyond (however some you may want to upgrade as you go along)

Transmitter £140
2x £6
charger £35
fpv googles £90
5x £93

If your looking for a prebuilt £170

if your happy to lose an evening to a soldering iron less than £170 (sells out as quickly as it comes into stock)
5x £12.75

well so far i have “spent” around £500 the above will get you flying but as always there is plenty of room for improvement. the goggles are basic box goggles. i selected them because you have expressed an interest in moving to dji hd, so something to get you flying that works well was a better idea.
the radio is a great opentx radio and will last a good few years (even if you go dji in the future you can just keep using this) and it will bind to anything available on the market today (well mostly)
the charger is a basic entry level model and could be replaced with a multi channel version to allow charging more than one battery at a time. i did consider changing this to a multi channel in my recommendation but decided against it.

im sure there are some things i have missed off this list and as if its any surprise to those that know me i have priced from my preferred supplier where possible. (other suppliers are available)

its worth saying that everyone has a different idea of whats good and bad so my advise here is based on my personal experience of either the brand or the specific product.

if you have any questions then please let me know :slight_smile:


What about this? DJI 5" with goggles- £685
You will need a controller and receiver. May I suggest a Tango2 controller with a nano receiver - £180.
Then a charger and lipos:
isdt - £50
Lipos - £20 to £30 each.

There’s a reason that’s so cheep. Poor quality parts. Fragile frame… wouldn’t recommend that for a beginner. You want something tough that will take an utter beating!

Tango2 is utterly untested in the real world. Having only been released yesterday not to mention you lose out on all the whoops on the market by using it…

As you can see choices are endless and everyone thinks something different.

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