Firehouse Technology ARC ll strobes

Tested this morning 1100 am. Bright sunlight. could see 800 feet from me at 100 feet altitude. Tested flash and strobe. I thought very reasonable. Maybe someone has comparisons?

Where did you get these from?

Have daughter I States!

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Can’t see picture, video or link…:man_shrugging:

There was this on a previous thread.

Not available in the UK, and the makers don’t send to the UK.
I’ve emailed them.

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These guys (claim to) ship worldwide:


But just the mount doesn’t really work too well. :wink:

And, if the strobes were that price, I could probably sell them to Firehouse. :rofl:

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D’oh! :man_facepalming:

I’ll get my coat :blush:


Have you checked If there are any fulfilled by Amazon they should ship worldwide.

Yes - but for almost as much each as the 2 pack direct.

Or perhaps that should have been a “No”. :frowning:

Just finished this strobe mount for the Mavic Pro.

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For those looking to buy strobe lights (in the UK), these work perfect and are delivered within days.
You mount these with 3M tape, also available for 40p from the same seller. This keeps the weight down to almost nothing so flight performance is not affected. I still get the same 23 - 25 mins flight time with my Parrot Anafi using these.

Many people do already use Flytron - myself included (GADC discount being useful :wink: )

The Firehouse have one feature that interests me for a specific reason … they have a non-strobe mode … continuous light.

As for fitting, I personally find cable ties best for the Flytron - personal preference … Where to mount Strobon CREE lights on a Mavic Pro? - #2 by OzoneVibe

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I wll try that mode next time out. It will of course reduce battery time but at 6 hours that should not matter too much. I fitted it with 3M on the rear legs of the Air facing forward. Am getting white red and green for rear leg facing backward.

For being able to see where the drone is, I think strobe will be far better than in constant mode.

That mode I want to use for a particular project I have in mind.

Have now added Firehouse with white, green and red. Due to lack of space when folded have to attach to batteries. The white strobe of the arc 2 and the white of the 3 colour show well in daylight. The red and green one can hardly see in bright daylight. Yet to try at dusk.

Anyone know where you can get the Firehouse ARC2 strobes in the UK? Not available on Amazon nor ebay as far as I can see. Also looking for themounts for a MPP.

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I’ve never bought or sold on Etsy but they seem to have some

Moved your post to a pre-existing thread about these. There’s a link above that “claims” to ship worldwide.