I’ve been invited to film a local firework display on the 5th with my mavic, I’ve never filmed fireworks before, could anybody help with camera settings ect. Cheers. :+1:

That sounds awesome

Hi Everyone,

I have the same question, although filming for pleasure. Will be about 460 horizontal metres away from the display. I was planning to put the Mavic Air up at 400 feet and point it in the direction of the display. It’s the camera settings I’m unsure about.

Any advice gratefully received


Tagging in some of our previous Fireworks Challenge winners, as I’m guessing they’ll have some insight :wink:

@chrisjohnbaker @PaperCrane @snowy @yorkshire_drone @MementoMori @StevenPSCC

Don’t think the air will do much justice at night

This old YouTube may be of assistance to people …


Don’t write off the Air. It’s camera often seems to punch above it’s weight.


depends if you shoot in auto or manual mode!

Since the OP was asking for settings … we’ll assume manual?


That’s a great watch I’m surprised that Dylan hasn’t joined GADC

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Oh ok then, then yes it does punch above its weight

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My video was set to Auto last year when I used my Mavic Air, seems to handle it very well.


It’s funny, the local Scout Display Dylan refers to is also my Local one, and, is tomorrow.
May pop and do a recky of the area and see if it’s possible.
Never know may bump into Dylan!.

I just left it on auto.


Well the weather crapped out for me on the night, so didn’t get a chance. Instead I’m off to Florida for a couple of weeks to warm up

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Yup, weather here was crap!, but, found a great display local to me and found a perfect spot to fly from for next year.
Shame ,as it was raining quite hard, and the display went on for over 20 minutes.
Hey ho, will see if other displays around the area are doable.