First 360 from Air 2S

First 360 from the Air 2s


Crystal clear and the stitching is amazing

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Does it chuck out a hi-res image @pete.mcarthur like the M2P or a lower version like the M2?

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It’s 8192 × 4096 and 14.5mb jpeg so it seems pretty hi res/


Cool, thats double the M2 files ;o)

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Same resolution as my M2Z, with its smaller sensor and pixel count, though.

You can get 360 panos with far better resolution than that with the Air 2S. When you take the pano, save the 26 separate images. Download them to your PC and stitch them together (I use MS ICE). You need to fill in the top of the sky. The resuting pano is 23552x11776 pixels!!

Kuula’s maximum upload size is 16384 x 8192 ;o(

Over 140 sky image files available here

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With the free version of Kuula they actually say “On desktop PCs and laptops, Kuula uses the full size image or 8192 x 4096 pixels, whichever is smallest.” That’s why I use free Klapty which doesn’t have a limit and handles the 23k fine: I think the pano is a bit soft - I haven’t added any contrast or sharpening to this one yet.

For the sky I just stretch mine in Photoshop. It takes seconds and keeps the same colours. You don’t really notice the distortion in the 360 viewers.

IMHO The best viewer locally on a PC is Videopanoramas Player | VideoPanoramas spherical 360 camera

We all have our preferences. These are what work for me.

Mac user here

Whats the embed options there?

Its pinched though which kind of spoils it ;o)

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360 cities use full res images, no limits or compression, your pics also get published to Google Street View but no embed options unless you use their paid for plan.

That is brilliant. I just got the Air 2s, haven’t flown it yet. Need to try this!


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