First Air Asteroid

First try with Mavic Air replacement this morning.



I hope they introduce that mode to the MP!


What @OzoneVibe said :sunglasses:

Do you just hit one button on the app and the drone does the rest?

That does look bloody great :smiley:

The two new modes on Air were Boomerang and Asteroid … one click solutions, I believe.

@PingSpike @OzoneVibe

Just select Asteroid, draw a box around yourself and hit GO
Any issues it will tell you. Drone flies away then does a stitch and combines images.
looks cool, and its the first flight out of the box.
Weather tomorrow looks great, so will have a try with other settings in the morning



Does the stitching take long? Can you still fly around while it’s stitching?

It just flies away and does its stuff then returns to earth …LOL
Must only take 1-2 mins if that.
You cannot fly around until it makes its way back down to you.
Dont know what resolution it is …will have a look …OK
The MP4 file is 94mb - 21secs long @ 1920 x 1080 but interesting the frame rate is 29.97.
Yet my drone is set to 1080 @ 25fps
So I think all fixed effects like asteroid and others are 29.97

I remember when I used to use the Hangar360 app it’d do its own thing with the settings, regardless of what I set in the GO4 app beforehand :+1:

Luckily with the 360 panos it’s all stills in Go4 … but even then it seems to sometimes ignores my manual exposure settings for its 34 pics.

The air probably takes a similar number at the TinyPlanet phase … so really clever how it segways as a video from the climbing clip into the stitched stills.

Seems a few clips where people do a similar effect in post editing.

Some quite cool as you don’t have to go straight up.

Wouldn’t know where to start myself though.

Hmmm … you can create a TinyPlanet from video. Not used, but that’s in MS ICE. Perhaps they do that on the fly (see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue: ) rather than single images.

Not tried to use ICE to stich 360 (or TinyPlanet) from video. adds to long list of things to try

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I’ve not even attempted a panorama yet so beyond me for now.


Innnnnnteresting …

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