First Bash at flying around Salisbury Cathedral

Saturday 23 June 2018 11:00 am.
Hot sunny day.
Mavic Pro … Litchi mission.

Too early in the morning = Sun too low = Filming directly into the sun…FAIL.
Not keeping an eye on the constantly changing exposure level…FAIL.
Flying too close to the Cathedral = don’t get it all in the video frame…FAIL.
Flying a square route around the Cathedral instead of a circular route…FAIL.
Camera not tracking POI correctly = centre of tower…FAIL.

Dave must do better next week. :flushed:

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Are you not in the Old Sarum Airfield airspace here? Not trying to be drone police but besides it being in the City Centre I had discounted all Salisbury flying because of Old Sarum.

Hello Frog

Old Sarum airfield is 4 Km away to the north.
Seems that the no fly zone for Old Sarum airfield ends at Bridge street in the southern part of Salisbury town.

Salisbury Cathedral is 400 metres further south from the end of the zone.

I don’t expect that many aircraft will be flying at 400 feet around the Cathedral, or even any light aircraft will be allowed to actually fly directly over Salisbury town at low altitude.

It was a fun experience, I will have another go this week.

I also want to have a try at Hengistbury Head next week.



Ah cool that’s good to know. Good luck next week weather should be good, Plenty of places to take off there, although there is a by law against flying at the hengistbury head you can take off from the road up there as the by law only covers the nature reserve.