First Commercial Flight

Client very happy, this is a shorter version of full video
Tried out Osmo 3 through the house only owned for a day so new to it but happy with first try, any tips for the Osmo 3 would be appreciated


Nice one @Mungmeister :sunglasses::+1:

Thanks @Salisbury_Drone :+1:

Good job. Well done.

Thanks @stevesb :+1:

Nice job :+1::+1::+1:

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Good job that Man :clap::clap:

Thanks @raider64 :+1:

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Nice one.
Ive just got the Osmo 3 last Friday. Still getting used to it.
Im using tilt lock mode a lot with it as mine seems to never pull back all the way up. Probably me though. I do like it but it Drains my 8Plus battery.
Active track is good and so is sports mode.
Im trying to put together a Youtube channel at the moment and I like the active track for following me round the workshop.

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I do like that Mark, Well Done.

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Thanks @chrisjohnbaker @la4501its early days for the Osmo, what I have found if balance of phone is not spot on it makes it not respond as it should but looking forward to some quirky work with Drone and Osmo

Great job, nice smooth footage :+1:

The other video :+1: