First edit with davinci resolve

ok guys and gals this is a test edit using davinci resolve 15 beta. please be gentle as its the first time i have ever even looked at video editing. any constructive tips hints would allways be welcome

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I subscribe to this guy, what he can do is way beyond anything I can do but you can pick up some good tips, the trouble is I need to watch the video again and again sometimes just to try and get close :laughing:

Also, pick some music and edit to that.
I’ve not used 15 beta yet but installed it last week.


i dont think it was too bad as i havent looked at any how too videos, just sat and played with it :grinning:

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I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it, I learnt a lot by just playing about with Resolve 12, I discovered the above channel a little later, he can get very complicated.
The trouble is I just don’t use it often enough and forget things quickly.

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sorry didnt mean it that way. i had a quick play with Hitfilm express then came back to davinci. this is a massive learning curve for me but something i am going to pusue further.:grin:

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No problem, I didn’t take it the wrong way.
I’ve only just touched the surface, anything I had edited previously to owning a UAV was with WMM.

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The music comment is actually very valid.

As there is never any sound from a drone (Thankfully!), you do need some music.

Either look at Youtube Creator Studio - some free music there, and it’s easy to list it by duration, so you can find something of a suitable length. Or visit a site like Bensound, who allow you to use music for free in return for a mention in the credits.

Look at my videos for example (plug, plug!)

Yep see what you mean. It makes a big difference. Seem to remember there is someone on the forum how creates music for peeps to use for free. :grinning:

I didn’t mean any harm with my comment, I hope it didn’t come across that way.

I was just trying to help with the Davinci learning curve.

Music makes a big difference to video though as @suffolkfox says.

If we are plugging our videos then look at mine :grin:
My YouTube channel

Hi @pilningpilot, nice job and well done for taking the plunge and sharing your efforts. I’ll try and share some things that helped me with my videos… I’m by no means an expert and am learning myself as I go…

  1. Music. Go here, its a massive free music archive, just remember to credit the artist in your videos (there areinstructions how-to do it properly)

  1. Trim your footage and be brutal on your self. It’s easy to accidentally leave in a jerky panning shot or an abrupt drone haltat the end of a clip you use. Go over each clip meticulously and ask “is it good enough?”. Trim out any wonky bits. You’ll be surprised how short a clip you can get away with! Likewise with long clips, keep them short as possible and have cut aways to keep peoples interest. You can cut back to your long clip again and again.

  2. Try and tell a story. It’s easy to go out with the drone and fly about with record turned on, but if you think in pictures, clips and even as a story it’ll be easier. Look for a begining, middle and end. E.g an opening shot, an interesting subject for middle, and a closing shot. Sometimes I just have a pile of footage and have to pick through in the edit to try and pull a story out of the shots.

  3. Synch to the beat. If you’re using music, consider the pace and beat. Try to match your cuts between clipsto the changing of the beat, you’ll be amazed how cool it feels when you nail it right. Most beats/melodies etc are about 4 seconds long, 1,2,3,4 - 1,2,3,4 etc… Try and match small clips and cut aways to that pattern.

Most of all… Have fun, enjoy and keep experimenting!


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Just to remind you all of this too


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thanks for all the helpguys the clip i put up was just a tester. its amazing what i get up to at work. will deffo look at music clips etc and i will keep on playing with software:grin:

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ok here is test edit 2.1 for you all to have a look at and commennt on.

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Nice choice of music, see how much a nice piece improves a video?

certainly does. theres still a couple of bits that are crabby but dont think it was too bad. must get some more video with the Mp:grin:

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Hi. Just got Resolve 15. Scares me to death but I’m gonna have a good go.


There’s an enormous amount to it! Focus on what you want to achieve initially, and work in simple stages.
Download the pdf manual. It’a HUGE, because it covers all the paid-for “Studio” features, but searching it, or working from the index, usually give you the info.
I’m not an expert - but shout if you need guidance.

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@OzoneVibe thanks i will keep that it mind.
@Bing just sit and play with it. it aint so scary then. lol