First indoor racing Whoop session tomorrow

Going to be interesting tomorrow at an indoor racing 1s (maybe a couple of 2s) whoops.

I made a 1S Christmas tree (dam that Anker usb block is hot)

And the squadron is ready

If I come back with all 3 that will be a start

Ah post the videos!

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Good chance to try out the new DVR! I need a carry case for the Cobra X. The EV800d came with a nice case.(though the zipper broken) need one for me new goggles… Hmm

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Looking forward to our next meet so I can try them out?

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Yeah definitely. Little uncomfy on nose, but think sorted that.

Do fancy a meet when get Martian 2.0 built!


Hopefully I’ll be around for that one :+1:t2:

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Christ you really went balls deep on buying whoops lol

Lol had the tiny hawk’s over a year. Had never flown em outside until met the guys at willington a month back. Then built the Martian. The mob7 new though lol and tbh won’t fly the TH S…

Got them both 2nd hand

I’d be very interested to see/read your experiences with both the DVR and the Mix mode, if you use it, of the receiver.

I have the Sky04x goggle but unfortunately I’ve only managed a couple of flights. I had very mixed results in Mixed mode, it works with some cameras and not others. I’ve upgraded the DVR board to the V2 which records H264@60fps versus the 30fps of the original V1 board.

Good luck with the racing and have fun, which I’m sure you will.

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The DVR not too bad at all. Will upload some footage later!