First Mini 2 video! - Beachy Head

Hi Everyone! This is my first post on here as a new member!

I’ve been getting into filmmaking as a hobby recently and have had DJI mini 2 for a couple of weeks now. I’m so impressed with this thing! Such a solid and capable drone for its size, and the Fly More Combo is such great value for money!

Anyway I’ve just finished my first drone video taken at Beachy Head in Eastbourne and have uploaded it onto my new channel on YouTube if anyone wants to take a look. Any subs much appreciated, as there will definitely be more content once the weather is a bit better down here!


Hi and welcome to GADC. This is a great first post and great first video. Very well edited and works well with the music. :+1: :clap:

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Thanks, much appreciated!

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Hi, very nice video, very professional looking first video

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Welcome to the GADC - a civilised forum.

Really liked that video. My Mini2 should be with me tomorrow to join my MA2.

BTW at 2.10 did I see Mainwaring, Wilson, Jones and the rest of the platoon on the cliff top :grinning: :grinning:


Cheers! Ah you’ll have a lot of fun with it!

Lol yeah but don’t tell 'em Pike!..Stupid boy!:rofl:

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Great video very well synchronised with the soundtrack. Well done, enjoyed watching it.

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Thank you!:blush:

Excellent stuff! Very impressive visuals and accompanying music.

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Great video thanks for sharing.

Great video! Love the reveals of the lighthouse. Can I ask what editing software did you use?

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Thank you! Yes they’re my favourite shots too! I use Final Cut Pro for editing😊

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Welcome once again!

Hi, Im based in Hastings, passed my GVLOS flying exam yesterday, have the Mavic 2 Pro and Mini 2, wouldn’t mind meeting up one day and have a fly and chat

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Really nice video! As others have said the music and cuts worked really well. I particularly liked the light and shade on the white cliffs about half way through.

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Thanks, glad you liked it! Can’t wait to do another😊

Hi, yes I wanted to get in contact with you. I live up in Ore. Are you on Facebook? I’ll add you as a friend😊

I am on facebook, adger brown i will be holding a microphone in profile pic, the rest becomes obvious, i am the other side of Hastings, just off Fernside Avenue, Harley Shute Road, that area.

Well put together great editing :+1:t5:

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