First Night Flight

I have been wanting to fly at night for a while, so after two days of rain, this evening cleared for some flying.
Went to a park in Witney , Oxfordshire. As a church is right next to it. Camera was left on auto as I want to concentrate more on the flying on this first night flight.

Thanks for looking, any comments, tips etc most welcome.


Nice pics!

These also get you the Night Flyer Badge on your profile. :+1:


Liking those. :+1:

I quite enjoy a bit of night flying myself.

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No tips, those look good, nice and sharp. I find one nice thing about night flying is it’s easier to maintain VLOS!


I like the monochrome image, as it removes the 'orrible orange sodium lights. Mind you, if you shot in RAW you might be able tone the orange down to something better. Have fun!


I think next time I do a night flight I’m going to do a thorough test through various camera settings, white balance, HyperLight mode etc.

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Another reason I like flying at night is how much more room there is to play in. Given that most folk stay indoors during the darker evenings means that theres more choice of areas to go fly in. Be it darkened car parks or other public spaces.

Also, using the bottom white LED’s on the Mavic 2’s can help you light up areas from above for some interesting photos with your Digi camera too.:+1: