First pano Autel Evo 2 6k

Just had my first flight with the Evo, missing DJI’s automatic pano modes, still it’s no big deal to stitch a few images together but I really can’t be bothered to to a 360, got the mini 2 for that :rofl:
This is a stitch of 3 images


Heres some I did with the original mini, quite good results, Im sure with the better Autel camera you’ll get some cracking results


That’s pretty impressive! You’ll have to excuse my ignorance but what is AGP? I doubt if photoshop or lightroom could manage the stitching although having never tried, I don’t know.

Auto Giga Pano is a stitching app for Mac.

I believe the tool of choice for windows users is Microsoft ICE, also worth a shot is DJI media maker, freebie that gets the job done

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Ah I may actually have that somewhere, came with a motorised panoramic camera mount. Now I only have to find it…

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If your struggling for a Mac app let me know :wink:

I use the DJI Media Maker

And also Microsoft Ice