Mavic Mini First Attempt at Manual Pano

So I took the Mini out today for its first run to have a play and get used to it.

Thought I’d try a panorama. 54 photos taken in 5 rows with the gimbal at +20, 0, -20, -45, -70 and a couple of straight down for good measure. Camera on full auto (forgot to hit AE lock doh)

Stitched on the MacBook in AGP, full auto mode, it included the full 54 images I threw at it (I thought I might have to remove a few)

No Levels adjustment or anything, just squared off the sky and infilled with black on Photoshop

Uploaded to Kuula and added a 50% bloom filter to bring out the colours a little.

Im quite surprised and very happy with the result, as always I welcome your feedback and comments.



How long did it take to shoot manually? :thinking:

Not sure I have the patience :grimacing:


WOW - agree - very impressive :+1: :+1: :+1:


Exif says 3 minutes, next time I’ll try half the images see what the results like. I went overboard on this for maximum overlap

Thanks John


Three minutes?

Even my attention span is that long.

I might give it a go after all…

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2nd attempt.

Bit more testing on the conditions this afternoon, lots of wind warnings, very different sky, sun in and out all the time

40 photos this time (a little under 2 minutes), same pitch angles on the gimbal as above, enhanced the sky a little and used the AI Boost filter in Luminar (via photoshop)


Nice shots @milkmanchris
Need to get out more with mine.
Like the stitching, impressive.

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Thanks @Nige_T

Deffo meet up again Nige when the restrictions ease a little.

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Sure thing @milkmanchris look forward to it.

Enjoying the Mini, Chris?

It gets a bit of stick sometimes but for a sub-250g drone it’s absolutely outstanding, I can’t knock it at all.

Theres not a lot to dislike.

£400 for a good hour plus flying

1.2kg all packed up in its case with all I’ll need for a holiday/hike/bike ride.

It really is a great bit of kit, I did a distance test (filmed if anyone is interested), started losing video feed at around the kilometre mark so I brought it back, its not the type of drone to send that far anyway.

Output quality is very very good ‘off the card’, bit of a learning curve on the app (too used to Litchi and GO) but anyone with a bit of photo knowledge will get some proper cracking results.


Forgive my absolute greenness, but I’ve tried this a few times and get nothing like that! Ends squished into a ball or a very confused panorama!
Taking about 40-50 shots at different angles whilst panning round but think I’m doing (or not doing) something with the kuula settings- can I be cheeky and ask what you used for yours?
Am not on mac if that’s the reason, only a windows laptop.
Thanks in advance :wink:

So I took the rows of images (about 10 per row) just rotating a bit and taking a photo.

I then imported these into the stitcher (I believe ICE is the best for windows) and it did it all for me.

Post your results and Ill have a look

Exactly what I did- except I imported them into ICE and then just get a looooong stretched banner, seems to ignore anything below the original pan. Tried a few different things and gave up in a huff !

Need to delve into the settings a bit more I think. Have got all the images on my GDrive so will download later and try again in the morning :wink:

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PM sent

So if anyone is interested, here is the pano that @lurch003 took with his Mini.

Pretty good considering the amount of detail on the ground on this, I just did an auto stitch in AGP on the MacBook, literally 5 minutes job. (I also did stitches in PTGUI and DJI Media maker, all are on my Kuula to look at)

I’m going to have a look at ICE over the weekend, and see if I can see what the issue Paul has been having, I think its probably a box ticked that shouldn’t be, unless there are any ICE/Windows users that can help.

@lurch003, hope you dont mind me posting your pano, its a great shot and shows what this little drone is capable of.


Bloody noobs!!

Can’t thank you enough for your help @milkmanchris, and for proving it’s me not the software :wink:


You’re very welcome, I did nothing except dragged them into a app with settings I know ;o)

You’ve done the hard work really well in getting the images, just to iron out the stitching now ;o)