First Pano Rothbury Northumberland

First ever pano with my mavic air 2 , just hit the pano button and watched it do it all for me, image had a band of blue above the sky so I cropped that out, I’m sure I’ve seen a thread explaining the reason I will have another read, So this was taken on the moors above Rothbury today.


The band of blue is added because the camera can’t look straight upwards.

You should upload the image to Kuula to get the full 360 effect :ok_hand:t2:

Also, if you upload the original image to Facebook (:face_vomiting:) it will automatically be display as a 360 image that you can scroll around to look at.

@DeanoG60 thanks for the explanation …I’m not kuula user yet and I don,t do Facebook or any similar sites …Alan

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@Sandbagger check out this post as well for instructions on how to post 360 images on GADC

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Once you do it will look like this…

@DroneGeek thanks for that Ian looks so muck better than what I have posted, I will certainly do another Pano sometime and give it a go …Alan

@DroneGeek @DeanoG60 created a Kuula account hopefully it will load up

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Not showed up what went wrong ,I pasted the embed code on a separate line below the text



Try uploading the original, unedited (with blue sky band). The image needs to be 2:1 (width: height) to correctly display in Kuula, which is why this one is not allowing you to look directly down.

@OzoneVibe I can try that Dave but I can view straight down Im standing near the small cairn , cant zoom in with the mouse though I think I need to set that in Kuula?

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It’s not panning “directly” down. If you pan down as far as possible, and then pan left/right, there’s a bit that’s not revealed.

Compare it to … Ouse Valley Viaduct 360


Wooohooo! :+1:

I can’t see the difference ! and can’t zoom in with the mouse …I’m happy with it but cant figure out what you can see that I can’t ? and why does that thumbnail image show up, you can hide it by clicking on it

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Errrr … actually, you are kind of right.

Initially I was looking at it on my mobile, and the last one I was on my laptop.

:thinking: It appears that they are neither displaying exactly as they should on mobile - which is a little strange.

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Because you uploaded as a “tour” of one image, rather than just a single image.


This setting is needed …


@OzoneVibe right thanks …not sure what the weather forecast is for tomorrow but I can’t wait to get out and do another

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Good luck with the weather. :+1: