Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To Post on GADC

It’s now possible to create 360 panoramas in the DJI Go4 app.

You can post these panoramas in the forum to be viewed interactively.

It’s also possible to create your own equirectangular panoramas in other stitching software such as PTGui, Hugin, AutoPano Giga, Microsoft ICE, to name a few.

Ideally, your equirectangle image should come out at size ratio of 2:1 or as close as possible to that.
Certainly the DJI Go4 app produces a perfect 2:1 ratio image of 4000x2000

Note: Both the M2P and M2Z produce hi-res stitched 360 Panorama images that can be posted to Kuula without any editing.


Step 1 - Upload a pano image
Upload the image to Kuula - - up to 16,384 x 8,192

Step 2 - Get the embed code

  • Click on Share

  • Click on Get Link or Embed Code

  • Select "Embed code - (HTML)" and copy the code for the IFRAME (See Tip: See Note - below!)

Step 3 - Paste the copied HTML IFRAME code into a post …on a new line! (<iframe ……



  • For whatever reason, sometimes, the pasted HTML has <iframe and /iframe> modified to &lt;iframe and /iframe&gt;. So these need to be edited.

  • Double-clicking a mouse on the HTML to highlight it sometimes avoids this - but can add a " ’ " at the beginning and end that need deleting.

  • Ensure that the opening “<” starts a new line without any spaces in front.

Best Solution for this Problem

  • Use an intermediate paste into a text editor, Word, even a Tweet works … where it pastes correctly, and then copy that text back to a GADC post.
    In testing this solution has so far proved 100% reliable! :+1:

Also, always a subjective thing, but there are three settings that can be set (before copying the Iframe code, that can improve the experience of the pano posted in GADC.

  • Enable zoom controls - means … what it says … enables people to zoom using the mouse wheel.
  • Auto rotate - again, pretty self-explanatory … and best not to set too fast - around 10 to 15 usually works well.
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When I took this picture the drone camera behaved correctly and on the DJI fly app I see the panorama correctly. WHen I transferred the image to my PC it came out like this. Quite appealing but not how I thought it was going to be. Any advice on transferring 360 pictures please.?

Thanks in advance

Moved your post to this thread that explains how it add it to Kuula and post the result here.

Have a read from the top.
I imported it quickly to KUULA to have a look and its a great 360 Pano.
I only dragged the photo from the post above so it was really low res but great picture.
Welcome to 360 Panos

Get yourself a Kuula account and upload it there just as it is

Thank you no problem.

Thak you that’s great. I got the account now and here it is.
Photo 6553704_dji_104_pano_44031687_0_2021125124050_photo_pano Greenbooth Reservoir Norden, Rochdale Lancs, UK | Kuula

If you follow Step 2 in the first post, you will see how to post your image so that it displays correctly when you post it to a thread in the #panos category.

Thank you I will do that :slight_smile:

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So I have tried the steps above and I am unable to make a kuula panno that doesn’t look crap.

am I missing a step?

the panno mode on the mini 2 has created 13 files, when I upload these individually to kuula i can’t seem to make this in to a panno.

have tried stitching in Microsoft ice and it leaves big black spaces at the top/sides.

But …

You need to increase the size of the image vertically to create the 2:1 (W:H) image.

Take a look at this post. Shout if that doesn’t solve the problem.

I keep meaning to do an updated version of this thread to better reflect some things that have changed over the past 2 years.

Can’t find the thread now to copy but, I learned this a few weeks ago from that thread.
View the 360 Pano in the Fly app, it creates it from the individual photos. Save to the phone. Upload to kuula.
So simple, shame I didn’t know in December :joy:

Edit, found it -

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think I might have done it!

<script src="" data-kuula="" data-width="100%" data-height="640px"></script>

nope code above doesn’t do anything.

oooo thanks buddy will give that a try thank you.

You need the HTML embed

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The correct code looks like the one shown in the first post …


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Thanks both, can you tell I am still very new at this haha.