First photo post

Hi, in the last 18 months I have been trying to learn a few new thing since I retired, mainly photography / video and drone video , this is one of me favourite snaps… all constructive criticism advice really appreciated.

I struggled to upload this. is there a maximum file size?

Robin close up.



There is a 50Mb limit as I recall but your file is only a quarter meg. There is also a five files at a time limit but other than that nothing restrictive.

Most common filetypes are accepted including *.jfif and *,webp which is useful if you upload stuff you have found on the net, increasingly websites are using them as they offer excellent compression.

What problems did you encounter?

thank you for the reply.
just getting an err message. my error is… most of my files are around 67mb. so that answers that one…
i will have to make sure that any posted are resized.

If it’s a file size issue, you’ll get a very specific message …


… and if it’s another issue, again you’ll get a specific message.

I should have Made a note of the message.
No the message saying that there was an error… if it happens next time I will post the proper error message. :smiley:

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I always get errors when uploading, mainly Discourse errors, it’s great to hear I’m not alone :smiley:

Cracking robin pic too, great detail. :ok_hand:

Huh? Can’t recall the last time I saw one. :man_shrugging:

(Without intentionally creating a message for the above, that is.)

I’ll try now but can almost bet it’ll be fine :joy: brb

I know we’ve discussed this at length Rob:

But I’m still not finding that anywhere, I’m sure you made it up :rofl:

None to offer Charlie @Indy-Garden - that’s a cracking photo!

I can even see your reflection in its eye:




Yep I’m right, PC is having a good day today :joy:

“Operator isn’t near the PC mode”

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Yarp. that me in the eye ball…

but I have to say that depth of field is out … trouble is
he wouldn’t sit still for a second sitting …
:thinking: :thinking:

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I didn’t make up*.webp, Google did!

I spemd a fair amount of time image searching to find stuff to illustrate various threads (Oh, the joys of being part of the Challenges Committee!) and my search engine presents the results in *.jfif format. When I go to the source material it is becoming more common to find jfif as a filetype - at a rough guess about 5% of what I search for.

That is a great photo. Even better if you’ve only recently started with photography. Excellent result :+1:

Hope you don’t mind, but just ran this through GigaPixel AI to see if anymore detail can be pulled out.

thats a cracking shot


No objection. The only thing with photos to get me wind up is if people plagiarise, that’s a big no no.

I be on a big learning curve …I took up photography at beginning of 2020. We could not go anywhere and I cant walk far… so I sat “indy garden” taking photos on a budget camera till I got the hang of it. I still cant get the DOF correct but its nice when works an comes together … well, it makes me happy, and at my age happy is good.

This Robin I found in the middle of the lawn as a chick. Parents didn’t feed it so by the third day he wasn’t to well and I started feeding it.
it paired up last year and had one brood with one surviving offspring. this one was easily identified as he had a missing follicle under its left eye.

sadly this one died last November. but the surviving chick has taken over its patch…

never heard of GigaPixel AI till now. Do you rate it? is it worth the money?

I haven’t used it much to be honest. Seems to do a good job and is very easy to use. I got it very cheap as I bought Sharpen AI and Denoise AI, which I use all the time and are excellent. I bought it mainly for astrophotography, but now use it with landscapes and aerial shots too.

ive been using Dpp6 for most things also adobe elements, but the latter has a bug relative to the pc hardware I have that adobe cant fix.
GigaPixel AI have a free to try so i might give it a go.