First photos from Mavic 2 Air local church - Benenden Kent


Nice photos @SirGunner. Really like the 3rd one!

Nice photos, sky really adds to the effect

Loving these shots @SirGunner nice to see you’re getting the hang of it :+1:t2: hope you’re happy with your choice of the mavic air 2 :grin:

The third pic is a cracker! :+1:t2:

Great photos

Thanks for the comments guys! Im still trying to get used to the settings but Im slowly picking it up I think lol

Deano I couldnt be happier with the Mavic Air 2 its an amazing bit of kit. Im glad I went for it straight away as I would have been upgrading pretty quickly I think lol Its so easy to fly too. Im loving it! :grin:

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And that’s the reason I have both the mavic mini and the Air 2 because I got the mini first and realised the limitations it’s a fantastic little drone and I will still use it in certain situations where being subtle is key :smiling_imp: lol

But the Air 2 is so awesome I love all the photo modes like the 360 and pano shots that the mini hasn’t got.

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Deano thats exactly what I would have done :grin: juat out of curiosity what aspect ratio do you use for your photos? 4:3 or 16:9? At tge moment Im using 4:3 but am going to try the 16:9 next time I go out

I’ve been using the 4:3 I haven’t tried the 16:9 myself yet. So will look forward to seeing your sample test shots :+1:t2:

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Litchi is your friend :wink:

The 16:9 is just a crop of a 4:3 (native size of the sensor)

You’re better off shooting 4:3 and cropping yourself to 16:9, the more pixels you have going into post the better :wink:


Yeah I found out about that after I brought the Air 2 :man_facepalming:t2: doh! Oh well it’s nice to have options and also means I’ve got a total of 6 batteries over 2 drones so shouldn’t ever run out of flight time :joy:


It’s always another option


Chris thanks for the info. Ive been trying to google the natural aspect ratio of a half inch sensor and its surprisingly difficult to find. I will continue using the 4:3 aspect now cheers :+1:t2:

Chris what is Litchi and how do you use it? Im guessing a 3rd party flying app?

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Not available yet on MA2 but watch this space

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12MP camera on your MA2 the files straight from the card are 4000px x 3000px (hence 4:3)

Do a quick experiment, can be done on the kitchen table, take same shot in both aspects and you’ll see what I’m saying (easier to see than explain)

*edit or flick from photo to video while flying to see the crop (you’ll look closer)

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Im gonna have a good read through later thanks

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