First proper flight

First footage with Mavic 2 Zoom and well impressed so looks like the Phantom is now grounded to hanger, tbh felt more confident in the control and handling of the M2Z and a pleasure to fly took the opportunity and sampled some of the quickshots and first attempt at editing using iMovie on MacBook, do you think that the use of a filter would of improved exposure?


a CPL would def improve on the greens, and sky.
Er?, and slow down your yaw rate (pans left and right), it will add to a more cinematic look.
Experiment with the Camera Tilt speed, Yaw Rate, in the settings, it will give a smoother, slower speed, and look 10 times better !.
Not being critical, just my observations !.


To be fair, you’ve probably exposed that as well as you could given the light sky, bright grasses and dark pine and heather!!! Its just a bit “flat” looking but most raw stuff is until you edit it in “post” (iMovie in your case).

If I recall, there is an “enhance” and “adjust” button in iMovie that will let you alter the colour and light/contrast etc on your clips. Have a play with those, see what you can achieve.

Good luck!

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Thank you guys advice noted, looking at the footage again I see what you mean about the yaw and saturation now the excitement is over I can look at setting :+1:


I do love a #DollyZoom! :wink:

Thanks for crediting @EricMatyas’s music, too! :+1:


Please do not think we are being critical about your work, and definitely keep up the great work, it’s all a great big learning curve we all had to master at some point.
Beside we are not perfectionists, me included !.
We are just trying to be helpful in you getting the best from your drone.
I am super impressed with my Mavic 2 Pro, best drone I have ever had (well, at the moment anyway!) the camera is the “Mutts Nuts” !

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Thank you @chrisjohnbaker I welcome any advice and criticism, I took on this hobby to get into arial photography and found it a lot harder than I thought with more to it than land photography and demanding more concentration, following a stroke a few years ago I have trouble remembering and do literally have to keep notes otherwise it could have bad results, if the video posts were just ignored then it would be pointless posting them and as you say it is all part of the learning curve and having a forum such as this one with people who take interest helps a great deal…

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