First Proper Video

I’ve had my first drone a Mavic Mini a week now and most of the time it’s been quite windy here so been wary of flying. We went for a walk today through a small wooded area so I decided to try some low flying which also gave me an opportunity to use the DJI Fly app


Very nice colours, I was just getting engrossed and it stopped, post more :wink:




Great start — got my attention too — looking forward to seeing more :+1: :+1: :+1:


That’s a good start. Cool tree tunnel for your first video.

Very nice. I’ve just started myself. I’m using an iPad and Lumafusion to edit video.

Great start, like the others mentioned, we are left wanting more.

Thanks for the comments, I realise now what I did, I used a template but it put a lot of Chinese writing at the end which didn’t see how to edit so cropped it out. I should have faded it out, if I knew how😂

After yesterday’s video comments I went back And had another go.

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