First Successful Attempt at a Hyperlapse

My first attempt was very blurry due to setting the exposure too high. This one just about came out ok but still need to set exposure times a bit lower. DJI Air2S f2.8, 2 second exposure, 175 images in total.


Edited your post to create the embedded player.

You need to paste just the URL, and on it’s own line … nothing before or after - not even spaces.

So …

… rather than …

[Cambridge Biomedical Campus](

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Nice Hyperlapse, too. :+1:

Thanks and thanks

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Good effort, I really like ;o)

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Freakin awesome hyperlapse!

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Brilliant HL👍. Nice colours and lighting.
The Air 2s is great for them, that was going to be my mission once the late nights drew in, but the cold and old age has put paid to that idea :rofl:…oh and a comfy couch…

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