First time editing video

Hi this is the first video I’ve ever edited so don’t expect much and i’m a new drone user.

All shot on the Mavic Air


Hey Russ,

A little bit of advice, go easy on those controls tiger :+1:

Note at 0:11 I got dizzy watching you spin round that fast :smiley:

You need really slow, really smooth inputs. Any camera or direction changes you make mid-flight are seemingly multiplied when watched back.

Check this out, sound advice @ 9m 20s - Questions and Answers + 25K Subscriber Giveaway - YouTube :+1:


Cheers for the tips will try not to be so trigger happy will watch the video later on as well



You have to start somewhere. Well done I am a first time drone flyer too but I have been a photographer and have made small films for years. For my editing I use PowerDirector 16 and it’s really good as it can use LUT’s (Look up tables) These are pre programmed cinematic adjustments that can enhance the Mavic Air video and correct the colour.

There are free ones all over the net.

My first drone video was jerky and spinning, didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I fiddled about with the gamble settings and reduced the movement. There are loads of videos on YouTube.
My channel is WeeAirDrone my videos are not perfect but getting plenty of practice using the drone for photography too as the panorama shots are amazing. I have started following DJI Mavic Air people on YouTube as you can learn loads from different people. All the best

This was one of my first videos