First Time Out!

Hello all, new here (and to owning a drone) so be kind.

Today was my drones maiden voyage outdoors, it was a total delight and I loved every minute of it!

Unfortunately my 4K Micro SD Card hadn’t arrived but I thought sod it, I’m off, child free and perfect weather to get the drone out so I did. I’ll have to live with the low res shots this one time.

Thanks for taking the time to look.


#5 for me… I love that!


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#4 here.

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All good for me excellent job well done @Roonald
Very creative :+1:

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New to going a drone, and yet you fly over water ??!!.
Very brave/bold :+1:
Nice Photos, and love the last video moving away from the icicles.

Thanks, I like that video too. It’s actually longer than that but the full clip was too large to load.

As for the brave/bold bit, you’re right :joy: I’d spent time indoors and outdoors literally before I did it. I thought it was too good of an opportunity to miss so I had to go for it, I’d have kicked myself for ages if I hadn’t. I wasn’t too nervous about it to be honest, letting the drone go out of sight makes me more nervous.

Great images Roonald. Glad your maiden voyage went well. :+1:

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