First video editing steps

Hi all,

Never really used any proper video editing software before except the basic generic stuff that comes with Windows and various phones but as I’d like to start making some better heli and drone based stuff I thought I’d better stump up for something a little better. I tried a few trial versions and the one I liked best was Cyberlink PowerDirector, so I’ve bought the full version to begin playing with. As a little beginners project I decided to make a promo video for an event that Mrs and I are attending in December to take us back to our youth - I’ll share it on her FB page to see if any of our friends fancy it now we’re all knocking on a bit (49+) :grin:

Anyway, here is my first go with the software (which looks like it was produced in the 90s :crazy_face:) and then the final version made after a few hours of getting to understand how it works a little better!

Obviously this is very basic stuff for experienced users, but it’s going to be fun for me learning a new skill.

@GreyFive Hi matey. Not too sure about the vid as never went to one of those type gigs… but recovering ok from the fit ta. :+1::rofl:

Fuckin Hardcore Uproar, by Together! Wow what a tune​:grin::grin::grin:. Was there in the late 80’s early 90’s mate and that my friend was one of THE tunes​:+1::+1:.

OK vid for a promo👍.

I use Davinci Resolve Studio. You can get Resolve for free, virtually the whole program but for a few things missed out. Check it out on the website, Blackmagic Design.

It’s not entirely as entuitive as Prem pro for usage, probably just as powerful but not as resource hungry. You still need an half decent rig to run it though.

Hope this helps👍.

Them ‘gigs’ Col were known as the last mass gatherings of youth in 20th century. I went to many, and contrary to what the so called papers stated back in the day there was no fighting, no stabbings, shootings…just plain old dancing (with drugs I do accept) and meeting, socializing and being part of something ‘our own’. :grin:

The only violence that was dished out was by the plod.

It was a lot like the sensationalism that you find around drones and large breed dogs now a days, tabloids love a good lie

Not having a go by the way👍


@Leylo1971 No worries Ady, I was joking about the fit! I was knee deep in wet nappies and formula milk in the 80s and would most probably be snoozing on the dancefloor through sleep deprivation; :rofl::rofl: even after a mitful of E’s and all the Db’s you could throw at us. :exploding_head:

Having said that, and boring I know, but never taken a drug that the doc wouldn’t have been happy to prescribe me and fortunately not seen any one suffer from them either. :wink:

The music isn’t exactly my cup of tea but I get it, I remember my Dad saying to me that music was never the same after Lonnie Donegan promoted skiffle and he hated my Black Sabbath records so much, I wasn’t allowed to use his stylus! And I said to myself then I would never be like that, whatever the music your into is alright by me matey. :+1:… as long as you dont live next door! :rofl::rofl:

Haha, it isn’t/wasn’t every ones🤣. It was just a scene and a lifestyle that was immense at the time. I can’t stand any bumping music nowadays and have listened to all kinds over the years since that time in my life.

More into rock now. About 20 years or so a go, I kind of traveled back in music terms to the 90s to discover all the groups I had missed out on. Foo fighters, Nirvana, Chillies etc.

Love acoustic stuff aswell.

Loud music does my head in now :rofl:. I’m defo showing my age…

Me too! Tinnitus doesn’t help, after an Alter Bridge Gig in Wolverhampton followed by my son’s gig 2 days later. Can’t even have my own Marshal amp above 2 on the volume! :exploding_head::face_with_spiral_eyes:

Fucking tune. Pretty sure that was a club in Birmingham of the same name, although I did go to Sheffield a fair bit in the late 90s and early 00s when Gatecrasher was big, so maybe I went to a Pulse in Sheffield and it’s all merging into one.

My last gig was Alter Bridge. (yeah my music taste goes over lots of spectrums from classic fm to heavy metal to hard house!!)

Tinnitus is a pain in the arse. Years of clubbing & loud concerts finally caught up with me a few years back. Oh how I wish I’d listened to my parents and to wear ear plugs. :roll_eyes:

Thats what I do now! Got them made through work (dirty word for me now) so cost me owt and their brill Attenuates the sound so I can hear people talk but harmful Db’s are blocked out :+1: Got some for my son, who used them (so he told me) and as yet he’s tinnitus free :partying_face:

Yeah I have to use them now or my ears just hurt. I got some musician ones, specifically ones for drummers.