First Video

Shot on one of the local beaches near me. Edited in FCPX. It’s not great to be honest but I guess we all have to start somewhere.


Shot: Mavic Pro
Mounted: ND16
Music: Run Boy Run


You’ve got some lovely shots in there, in particular some of the camera down shots were my favourites.

I’m not so keen on the panning shots (generally they come out a bit jerky unless the pan was very slow) but that is just personal preference.

At around 50 seconds I can see the exposure changing (kind of jumps brighter and then again). So I guess you are using auto, or manually increased the exposure? Would be better to try using manual and keep it consistent throughout a shot.

You could try adjusting the exposure in FCP (more if already) to brighten some of the darker shots.

Having said all that, great first video. Look forward to seeing more.

Cheers dude. Ye I know what happened I rolled the right hand wheel wanting to pan up instead I adjusted the shutter haha. Lesson learnt.

Welcome Josh

Very nice for a First, Have you tried shooting in Tripod mode? It Slows so much and adds to the flow while it keeps the movements calm and very controllable.

Its nice to see a face in a clip too. Well Done.

I’ve played with tripod mode in the house. I’ll give it ago on location.

Very good for a first video.

Wont re-iterate what was already mentioned and you are aware of the exposure, so things will get better with practice.

I enjoyed most of the video, loved the backwards flying from around 2:20 with the paralax background. :+1:

Love it.

Well done. Some great shots which work well in time with the music!

Thank you dude!

Great video mate!

If this is your first crack, I look forward too seeing some more :+1:

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Cheers :ok_hand: